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Before I discovered the Wim Hof Method and meditation I thought I felt fine. I did feel fine to an extent but I didn’t realise how unaware and unconscious I was.  I thought autoimmune symptoms were my normal and that feeling overwhelmingly tired, experiencing brain fog constantly, irritability, having psoriasis and arthritis were all acceptable to live with.

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Breathe Deep, Live Well.

"The limit is not the sky. The limit is the mind"

Wim Hof


"Wim Hof class with Maria was great. She was able to motivate us and settle us at the same time. I really enjoyed the class and found the breathing powerful. Would recommend!"


"Absolutely fantastic experience learning the Wim Hof method with Maria. She did a great job, despite the unpleasant weather.  Worth every penny. Would highly recommend!"


"Maria talked us through the breathing exercises and cold exposure in a calm and clear way. Great Workshop."


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Dublin, Ireland

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